Amanda Bynes


Like many child stars turned young adults, Amanda Bynes found herself struggling with substance abuse in public life, so when she unexpectedly announced that she wanted Drake to “murder” her “vagina,” fans were taken back by the bluntness of her thirst. The former Nickelodeon star even tagged the King of The North on the post […]


Remember when once-troubled actress Amanda Bynes said she wanted Drake to murder her vagina? 

Amid news surrounding the tragic circumstances of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s medical condition, Hip-Hop Wired couldn’t help but think about others whose lives changed for the worse at a young age due to the ever-present fame monster.

For some balancing both fame and social media comes as a very manageable task. Stars share thoughts that are relevant to the topics of the day, update you with news about their work and will even be humorous at times. Unfortunately, not all celebrities have that gift.

As the old adage goes, the truth is much stranger than fiction. A Hip-Hop record label has offered troubled struggle actress Amanda Bynes a record deal. This makes the aforementioned label, Chinga Chang Records, full of struggle by default. 

Struggle actress Amanda Bynes has become a media sensation for all the wrong reasons. The former Nickelodeon teen star has endured some tough times over the last year including a series of arrests, like her most recent run-in with NYPD last week for kush possession. 

Before we start this story we gotta ask; who has granted Amanda Bynes this much country (media attention)? Anyway, the struggle actress, and Kid Cudi’s alleged ex, took to her Twitter account today to try and slander Rihanna. However, the Bajan returned fired with a succinct and fierce retort.

Pot or kettle, Bynes? While we’re all witnessing the public breakdown of former teen star/comedian actor Amanda Bynes, she continues her social media rants. This week Bynes is taking on men’s trade publication powerhouse Complex and their frequent friend Kid Cudi.

Struggle actress Amanda Bynes clearly has no sense of chill. Last night, she did her best to break Twitter by basically telling Drake her box was his for the taking.

Apparently actress Amanda Bynes is no fan of Jay-Z’s looks. The actress posted a photo of Hova on Twitter with the caption “Ugly face” yesterday. Of course, she promptly took it down.