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Struggle actress Amanda Bynes clearly has no sense of chill. Last night, she did her best to break Twitter by basically telling Drake her box was his for the taking.

It all started with one tweet. “I want @drake to murder my v-gina,” she typed. That’s right, she even @’d the YMCMB rapper to let him know that it’s real.

About a week ago, she also tweeted pics of the “Started From The Bottom” MC with his crew along with the caption, “@drake is a hot fellow :D”

Bynes apparently has a thing for Black and Hip-Hop flavored peen. In the past, she was attached to G.O.O.D. Music rapper Kid Cudi. However, word is that the Cudder had to cut Bynes loose since she tended to O.D. with personal info on Twitter.

Smart man. We’ll give the former Nickelodeon actress credit for standing behind her thirst since the tweets have not been deleted.

Also, Bynes tried to slander Jay-Z earlier this year, too. She called the rapper/mogul “ugly face.” However, she promptly took that tweet down. But this is the Internet, so you can’t really erase anything.

Check out last night’s raunchy tweet and others thirst messages that Bynes has shared on the Tweets in the gallery.

Photo: Twitter

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