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Drake and LeBron James will have to do some explaining in court. They are being sued for stealing the rights to the Black Ice movie.

Two things that Drake is never short on; bars and witty commentary. The 6 God has just reminded us that his dad once got a struggle tattoo of him.

COVID-19 catches Drake slipping, Young Money Reunion Show postponed.

Apparently, when Drake isn’t responding to fans’ criticisms of his latest album, he’s responding to fans’ criticisms of how he travels.

Apparently, Drake is out here playing around in Joe Budden‘s face all the way from Europe and, well, it’s kind of funny—like corny funny, but funny.

Fans were surprised by the release of a new dance album by Drake that is a deviation from his most recent rap music. But, the shocl drop this weekend features 14 tracks of pulsing dance music that has some expressing disappointment.

Drake is moving a lot of birds; no not that kind. The 6 God’s Dave’s Hot Chicken fast-food chain is the fastest-growing restaurant in the United States.

We guess we can take this as a sign of nature finally healing. Drake's OVO Fest will return in 2022.