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Apparently actress Amanda Bynes is no fan of Jay-Z’s looks. The actress posted a photo of Hova on Twitter with the caption “Ugly face” yesterday. Of course, she promptly took it down. 

But alas, nothing is every truly erased once you unleash it onto the Internets. The UK’s Daily Mail caught a screen brag of the tweet that featured Jay-Z in big glasses, taken during a Coldplay concert in the UK in 2009. Actor/comedian Ricky Gervais was also in that relatively infamous photo that spawned a hilarious gif, but Bynes cut him out the pic.

The Daily Mail reports:

In fact there was a massive cull on the 26-year-old’s page, with just 13 messages being left by the time she had done deleting.

She made no reference to the previous message, with neither an apology or an explanation anywhere to be seen.

It is not the first time Amanda has landed herself in hot water because of Twitter.

She has caused a stir in the past after posting messages such as ‘live fast die young,’ posted a picture of her breasts at New Year and boasted of her preference for ‘chocolate men’ while she dated rapper Kid Cudi in 2010.

The unpredictable former Hairspray star spoke out in November following claims she had pranced around naked at a tanning salon.

Oh right, this is the same chick Kid Cudi basically cut off because she was OD’ing on Twitter. 

Jigga probably isn’t trippin’. He just signed international superstar Kylie Minogue to Roc Nation.

That said, Amanda who? Peep the offending tweet and the original photo on the next pages.

Photo: Twitter