Before her unexpected death in 2011 Amy Winehouse seemed well on her way to international superstardom but like many artists before her the addiction to alcohol and substance abuse derailed her career and ended up being the reason for her too early demise.


While she is no longer here in the physical Amy Winehouse fans can will be able to appreciate her talents on a digital stage. Her hologram is set to the hit the road next year.


This past summer marked the third anniversary since embattled pop star Amy Winehouse died of alcohol intoxication at the age of 27.


They tried to make Amy Winehouse go to rehab but ultimately she was awarded a death certificate to go along with her Grammys after several years of hard living.

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Let’s make this clear. The use of crack cocaine never got sexy. It never became classy either. Crack is still very much wack folks. Unfortunately, too many celebrities never got this message.

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A full decade has passed since the late Amy Winehouse‘s debut LP Frank was first released in the UK/Europe. When Winehouse first appeared she was considered an extremely young Nu Jazz vocalist devoid of the social grace and seasoning that most other UK artists had who were considered for a huge push overseas.

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Former cooking show maven Paula Deen got cooked, no pun intended, by Twitter after admitting her fondness for the N-Word in a court deposition. Although the one-time Food Network star went on a “I’m Not A Racist” apology tour, it all rang hollow in the end. Deen isn’t the first celebrity to show racist tendencies, however. 


Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby is as grandiose, glitzy, and glamorous as the commercials suggest, but where does Hip-Hop fit in? Jay-Z attempts to answer that question by making rap music the soundtrack to epic parties, infidelity, and major groupie love, set in the 1920s.

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This is news so good you had to question whether or not it was an elaborate April Fool’s day joke. Beyoncé and the elusive Andre 3000 will be covering an Amy Winehouse song for the forthcoming The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

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Nas drops the video for “Cherry Wine,” featuring the late Amy Winehouse, one the standout songs on the excellent Life Is Good album. As the photos from the set previously revealed, in the visual’s treatment the Queens rapper portrays a bartender in a vintage looking lounge spot while a bad looking model chick (that would […]

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UPDATE (9-15-12): A 40-second teaser of the Jay Martin directed video has been released. Check it out below. Nasty Nas just dropped his video for fan favorite “Bye Baby,” but the Top 5 Dead or Alive MC is already putting together the next clip from his latest, critically acclaimed album, Life Is Good. The latest […]

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Nas and Amy Winehouse had more in common than just making great music, they also share the same birthday—September 14. The British singer was a notable fan of God’s Son penning the track “Me and Mr. Jones,” when her boyfriend refused to take her to a Nas concert. The duo went on to collaborate on […]