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They tried to make Amy Winehouse go to rehab but ultimately she was awarded a death certificate to go along with her Grammys after several years of hard living.

As fate would have it, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s alleged heroin dealer has been likened to Winehouse and a few other well-known celebrities who have died as a result of making smack a part of their complete daily breakfastk.

Reports TMZ:

Robert Vineberg was a well-known musician who surrounded himself with other artists … and counted Hoffman, Amy Winehouse and famed NYC artist Jean-Michel Basquiat among his friends.

We’re told … Basquiat and Vineberg used A LOT of heroin during the 80s in Vineberg’s apartment — the same place Hoffman visited years later to allegedly score smack. We’re told Basquiat injected the heroin with a needle. He died of a heroin OD in ’88 … after sinking into a deep depression over the death of his close friend Andy Warhol.

Vineberg is steadily denying the charges against him but the ones closet to him are already trying to serve him up to prosecutors on a silver platter.

His stepdaughter, Christina Soto told the NYDailyNews turned to a life of crime after he struggled to bring in money from blowing his flute as a jazz musician.

“He got into this because right now he couldn’t find any work — anything,” she told the Daily News. “This is the only thing he could think of. He couldn’t even find work washing dishes.”

So much for a fair trial.

The Oscar-winning actor was found dead in his New York apartment on February 3 where police say at least 75 bags of heroin were present.