The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now deeply looking into the questions surrounding 25 paintings by the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in a current exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art. They've requested all communication between employees of the museum and the owners of the artwork.

Friends of the late artist Jean Michel Basquiat are upset at how Tiffany & Co. have utilized a rare painting of his in their latest ad campaign featuring Beyoncé & Jay-Z.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's appearance as the faces of a new campaign by the legendary jewelry brand caused a stir with the inclusion of a never before seen painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat and the singer's wearing of the famed Tiffany Yellow Diamond whose origins stoked the ire of those online.

A new exhibit about Jean-Michel Basquiat's influence in Hip-Hop during New York City's post-graffiti era in 1980s is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Jay-Z famously boasts about his art collection in his raps much to the dismay of some rappers *coughs* Drake. According to Page Six, Jigga Man lent one his prized Basquiat paintings to the Guggenheim museum for a police brutality exhibit.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is still making his mark on the art world. Today (May 18), one of the late, great artist’s paintings sold at auction for a staggering $110.5 million. 

Jean-Michel Basquiat died way too soon, but his art lives on, expensively. A huge painting created by the late Haitian artist sold on Tuesday for $57.3M.


Tupac Shakur isn’t the only Black artist that gave Madonna the business. In a recent interview, the Material Girl, who blames her son for her N-word usage, discussed getting banged out by renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Hip-Hop and art have always been parallel art forms, but at this point, it’s become almost cliche for rappers to namedrop certain artists. Atop of that list rests the late Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose art is the basis of a new release by watchmaker Komono.

They tried to make Amy Winehouse go to rehab but ultimately she was awarded a death certificate to go along with her Grammys after several years of hard living.

The death of Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman by way of heroin overdose this past Sunday (February 2) shocked fans worldwide. Sadly, Hoffman’s struggles with addiction were known and he joins a growing list of celebrities who have succumbed to drug overdose.

While several clothing companies are playing it safe or stale to keep bodies inside their threads, Neff is keeping the envelope pushed, licked and stamped. Whether it’s Disney or 2 Chainz, they succeed in embodying all styles for all variations of swag.