Bad Boys


Almost a year after it was confirmed that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would once again be riding as your favorite comedic cop duo of the 90’s, we finally get our first trailer for the final chapter of their fan favorite franchise, Bad Boys For Life.

Once again it’s on. Will Smith has confirmed that the highly-anticipated Bad Boys 3 has begun shooting. 

It looks like we are officially getting that third Bad Boys film we have been waiting damn near fifteen years to happen. Both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith confirmed the movie is happening in a recent Instagram posts.

It wasn’t looking good for Bad Boys III after one of the film’s stars Martin Lawrence said to Entertainment Weekly: “I don’t think we’re going to get one, not the way everything’s turning out, Will is off doing another movie, and I don’t think it’s going to happen.” Looks like things may have changed and […]

Gabrielle Union's Bad Boys II character Syd Burnett will get her own television show after NBC has agreed to air the upcoming untitled series.

While the on-again, off-again Bad Boys sequel seems to be totally at a standstill, Gabrielle Union is set to star in a spinoff TV series in development.

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Just when you forgot how much chemistry Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have on screen, they’re prepping to remind y’all how explosive they can get with a threequel to their fan favorite film, Bad Boys.

The death of Roger Ebert was sad news for fans of the popular film critic and social media star. After a long bout with thyroid cancer, Ebert passed away in his beloved Chicago alongside his wife, Chaz. Writing hundreds of reviews in his 46-year career with the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert offered his thoughts on a […]