Beyoncé Releases A Two-Minute Long Teaser For Visuals To "I'm That Girl"

Eight years after the infamous elevator incident, Beyoncé and Jay-Z decided to strike a pose in front of one to show their souls are not broken.

According to reports, Queen Bey hosted a Studio 54-themed disco party over the weekend at the Paradise Club at the Times Square Edition, called “Club Renaissance,” as attendees rocked looks that aligned with the high-fashion photoshoot she released as album art with the Renaissance album.

 Following backlash and criticism from disability advocates, Bey announced that she will remove the word “spaz” from one of her new songs, “Heated."

Beyoncé has removed an interpolation of a line from Kelis' hit song "Milkshake" from a track off of her recent album, "Renaissance". The move comes after Kelis was highly vocal about being excluded from the song's writing process hours after the album was released, calling it "theft".

Beyoncé fans are rejoicing online after the Houston, Texas superstar dropped her seventh studio album, Renaissance,

Kelis caught wind of Beyoncé sampling one of her older songs for her upcoming album, Renaissance, and feels like she was blindsided.

It’s that time of the year when we hand our forever President the aux chord, and he provides us with tunes to vibe to off the annual Barack Obama’s 2022 Summer Playlist.


Everyone in the Beyhive is anticipating Beyoncé‘s seventh full-length solo album Renaissance and we’re all just wondering what “Formation” singer has in store for us. Well, to hear the album, you’re just going to have to wait until it drops on July 29, but in the meantime, Queen Bey has revealed the credits, collaborations and even […]


On Wednesday (July 20), social media was abuzz with the revelation of Beyoncé‘s tracklisting for her upcoming album RENAISSANCE, and while her first single, “Break My Soul” hasn’t exactly hit with audiences, the titles on the album has everyone optimistic that Bey will bring the heat.

In another win for The BeyHive, Beyoncé has joined TikTok, and her entire catalog is now available for users of the short-form video app to utilize as backing tracks for their creations, according to Digital Music News.