Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss sparked some controversy when discussing the new diversity requirements instituted by the Academy Awards for Best Picture nominees, claiming "They make me vomit." He went on to defend the use of Blackface, citing the infamous example of Laurence Olivier playing Othello in Blackface.


White fragility General Bill Maher has been flying his Op flag for quite some time now. The HBO host confirmed he’s got some serious bigot tendencies, allegedly, during an interview with Elon Musk on his Real Time show on Friday (April 29).


On his long-running HBO talk show Real Time With Bill Maher, the host complained about the so-called "woke" nature of the Tokyo Olympics, and it looks to be more of Maher's incessant whining at work.


Americans got served another reminder that the vaccine does not make you 100% immune to COVID-19. Bill Maher has tested positive after getting his shots.


Bill Maher stepped over the line with his now infamous “house n*gger” quip, which he apologized for when the heat got too high. Now, the Real Time With Bill Maher host is suggesting that the word isn’t racist.

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Everybody wanted the jheri curl and afro Ice Cube to check Bill Maher. Instead, the rich and reserved Ice Cube gave him a “teachable moment.”


Bill Maher went full headass and called himself a “house n*gger” on his HBO show last week. While the backlash continues, sort of, the too comfortable white guy’s ex-girlfriend has insinuated that he used the N-word regularly.


Ice Cube, the original “n*gga with attitude” will go through with his appearance on self-proclaimed “house n*gger” Bill Maher’s HBO show.

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Killer Mike has offered another way to react to White people who say the N-word around them.


You can now add Chance The Rapper to the growing list of people demanding that Bill Maher be fired from his political talk show on HBO. After Bill referred to himself as a “house ni**er” on his latest episode of Real Time With Bill Maher last Friday night (June 2), the outcry to the racial slur […]

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Killer Mike has been warring on Twitter all night after responding to a user’s tweet regarding Bill Maher‘s N-word slur usage on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher last Friday. The Run The Jewels rapper essentially said that Black people have larger concerns in the world than Maher’s racist stances and should focus on economics […]


By now, you’re surely aware that comedian and TV host Bill Maher went full headass and used the N-word during his Real Time show on HBO on Friday (June 2) night. The too comfortable white guy issued an apology, hours after the fact.