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Killer Mike has offered another way to react to White people who say the N-word around them.

Killer Mike is a frequent guest on Bill Maher’s Real Time show on HBO. But he was absent when Maher decided to use the N-word in a joke that didn’t go over so well last Friday. When Maher was invited to do some field work with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, he replied that he was a “house n*gger.”

While many, including Chance The Rapper, have called for HBO to fire Maher, Mike has insisted that Black people have bigger fish to fry. He also said that Maher has told plenty of racially insensitive jokes, but some took that as Mike defending Maher’s use of the n-word. However, Mike insists that although Maher, and his job, should be protected under the 1st Amendment, he would have reacted accordingly had he said it to or in front of him.

“I would’ve punched Bill in his stomach. I would’ve punched Bill in his stomach and said, ‘You sound stupid,’ and we would’ve smoked a joint after,” Mike said in an interview with TMZ. “You know why, because that’s what you do when your white friend does that when you’re 13 and he gets a little too comfortable and says it—you punch your friend in the stomach.”

He continued, “If people want to protest him, fine, I support it. If people want to call for his job, do what you want to do. As for me, though, I am not going to start limit entertainers in what they can say, because when you start doing that, you’re painting yourself in a corner, and you’re going to make sure your First Amendment rights are one day going to be out the door, and we really are going to live in a fascist country.”


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