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You can now add Chance The Rapper to the growing list of people demanding that Bill Maher be fired from his political talk show on HBO. After Bill referred to himself as a “house ni**er” on his latest episode of Real Time With Bill Maher last Friday night (June 2), the outcry to the racial slur was swift.

The Grammy award winning artist took to Twitter to politely ask the cable network to cancel the popular talk show.

Bill Maher has since apologized for getting out of pocket and has even had Killer Mike (sort of) come to his defense over the incident, but the damage was done. If we can’t get Donald Trump held accountable for his countless f-up’s while in office, the career of Bill Maher might have to do.

Should HBO give into public pressure and give Bill his walking papers it marks the second time that Maher was taken off of TV due to saying something controversial. In 2002 Maher was fired from his ABC show Politically Incorrect after insinuating that the 9/11 hijackers were braver than the “cowardly” members of the US military who bomb countries from thousands of miles away.

Though HBO hasn’t fired Bill Maher from their network they’ve said they won’t air his controversial line in future reruns of the episode.