Kanye West is spiraling. Reportedly, the man who seems to be in the midst of a manic episode of his bipolar disorder is refusing to see his own wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian has issued a statement regarding the erratic behavior of her husband Kanye West. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kardashian detailed that her hands have been tied since Yeezy is a grown man, which makes dealing with his bipolar disorder particularly tough while trying to maintain any semblance of privacy.

Kanye West has been candid in times past regarding his struggles with mental health, and once again he let the world in on his journey. During a discussion with David Letterman via the host’s Netflix show venture, the Chicago artist revealed how bipolar disorder has affected him.

Thanks to the shenanigans of Kanye West, bipolar disorder has been all over the news and your timelines. Once known as “manic depression,” bipolar disorder is a mental disorder marked by periods of depression and periods of elevated mood, known as mania.

10 Famous Stars With Bipolar Disorder

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Doctors have found the reason why Chris Brown is more consistent with bouts of struggle than platinum albums. They have diagnosed him with bipolar disorder.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. has given a second statement on his well-publicized health and professional issues. The U.S. Representative has been away from his political post for several months but he wants it to be known that he’s trying to get through a tough time.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. has completed his in-patient treatment for bipolar disorder, but the medical bills are more than he can afford. The congressman quietly put his four-bedroom Victorian-style home on the market for $2.5 million nearly two weeks ago, and one day after returning back to Washington D.C. A rep for Jackson released a statement […]

Lil Scrappy already told you, via Hip-Hop Wired, that he gives no f-cks what you think of his, his baby mama’s or Momma Dee’s exploits on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since they’re all getting paid. While we chatted with the “Head Bussa” rapper, we had to ask him whether or not his castmate Joseline […]