JAY-Z and former Twitter founder Jack Dorsey are teaming up to teach financial literacy, but they face some criticism.


In 2016, about $4 billion worth of Bitcoin was stolen after Bitfinex’s cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. Now, the Department of Justice has recovered most of what was stolen. And one of the suspected thieves? Well, she’s uh…she’s something else.


Akon has used his fame, platform, and resources to establish several business ventures in addition to his musical career. The singer is now hopping aboard the cryptocurrency wave with Akoin hoping to cash in on the growing trend.


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was celebrated by many in the cryptocurrency community for allegedly raking in millions after reportedly accepting Bitcoin as a payment for work done on his 2014 album Animal Ambition. Now Fif claims that his cryptocurrency come up was just fake news and he’s not sitting on a treasure trove of Bitcoin […]


If you’re interested in investing in Bitcoin or any other form of Cryptocurrency, Facebook is not the place to learn about. The social media giant revealed in a blog post that it will be banning all ads that promote cryptocurrency. 


50 Cent famously caught a sizeable bag when Vitamin Water was purchased by Coca-Cola. Now, word is Fif caught another lick off Bitcoin before it got all trendy. 

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Although Kanye West says he’s going to keep a lower profile this year, the streets won’t let him chill. Reports of a new type of digital currency featuring the likeness of the mercurial artist surfaced last week, but it appears West’s legal team leaped into action to put a stop to the production of the […]


The Internet can be a strange yet invigorating place. For those not in the know, a peer-to-peer digital currency exchange system better known as cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity due to pioneering company Bitcoin’s genius.