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50 Cent famously caught a sizeable bag when Vitamin Water was purchased by Coca-Cola. Now, word is Fif caught another lick off Bitcoin before it got all trendy. 

Reports TMZ:

“Rewind to 2014 and 50’s album, “Animal Ambition,” when the rapper became the first to accept bitcoin — which was then valued at around $662/bitcoin — as payment for his work. We’re told customers could get a copy of the album for just a fraction of a whole bitcoin.

Our sources say “Animal Ambition” pulled in about 700 bitcoin in sales … over $400k. We’re told the cryptocurrency sat dormant in his account for years. 

Fast-forward to today — when bitcoin’s value has fluctuated between $10k and $12k per coin. Turns out 50 is a money genius … sitting on anywhere between $7 million and $8.5 million.

The market has steadily declined over the last few weeks, so 50 might wanna think about unloading soon while the gettin’s still good.”

50’s creditors may want to holla at him right quick.

Just saying.

Photo: WENN