Like Donald Trump does to Hillary Clinton, 50 Cent continues to slander Ja Rule’s being even though the beef has been cooked, served, and excreted.

This time around Curtis Jackson decided to take another pot shot at Jeffery Atkins while on Big Boy’s Neighborhood show on Real 92.3 L.A. radio station yesterday while promoting his latest film Den of Thieves.

Sitting next to Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr., 50 Cent and company began talking about Ja Rule with OJJ admitting that “I told 50 when I met him ‘I like Ja Rule. I was a fan… [50 Cent] came out – threw [Ja Rule’s] CD right out my grandma car. It’s not for me. Nope!”

When Big Boy asked 50 if it would be some “on sight” drama with Ja should they run into each other in 2018 Fif simply said “I done put ’em to bed.” And while 50 said he did take the same flight as Ja one time he also recognized that “As soon as you get to the airport it becomes federal.”

To quote the late-great Tupac Shakur, “Will there ever be peace?”


Naturally social media got jokes about the beef being well past aged and took to Twitter to post their feelings on the situation. Check out some of the more comedic reactions below and let us know if 50 and Ja should squash this drama already.

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