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Crocodile of Wall Street

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In 2016, about $4 billion worth of Bitcoin was stolen after Bitfinex’s cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. Now, the Department of Justice has recovered most of what was stolen. And one of the suspected thieves? Well, she’s uh…she’s something else.

As reported by The Verge, DOJ says it seized about $3.6 billion worth of the cryptocurrency, and that the ill-gotten gains were being held by Heather Morgan and her husband, Ilya Lichtenstein. Who are Heather Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein? Well, Lichtenstein doesn’t matter. I mean, he does because he’s been arrested too, but he’s not the weird AF white woman who’s a rapper, a Forbes contributor and a self-described CEO.

But before we get to all that, here’s this from The Verge:

The DOJ doesn’t explicitly say they stole the billions in cryptocurrency — an unnamed hacker was the one who transferred 119,754 Bitcoin from the exchange to an outside wallet, and that wallet was allegedly controlled by Lichtenstein. But considering the total amount stolen during the breach was 119,756 Bitcoin, that suggests Lichenstein and his partner had access to nearly the entire sum stolen from Bitfinex.

And according to the statement of facts prepared by an IRS special agent (PDF), the value of those Bitcoin has ballooned significantly since the hack — in 2016, they were worth $71 million, and now, their value is measured in billions.

Now, let’s get to who Morgan is, because—bruh!

Morgan is a rapper who goes by the alias “Razzlekhan” and calls herself the “Crocodile of Wall Street,” and she has a song and video on her YouTube channel titled “Rap Anthem for Misfits & Weirdos: Versace Bedouin Music Video,” that includes a shout out to “entrepreneurs and hackers.”

OK, so she’s basically another one of these “gangster” rappers who snitch on themselves in their lyricsbut is she dope though?

Spoiler alert: No—no, she is not.

She absolutely is not.

At all.

TF is even going on here?

She posted a Tik Tok video about how she became a millionaire with “zero outside funding.”

“I had no connections, I didn’t go to an Ivy League school and I wasn’t trust fund,” she boasted. “How did I do it?”

Spoiler alert: She doesn’t mention any help from stealing $4 billion in bitcoin.

Did I mention she’s weird? She does that annoying version of AAVE that white girls, for whatever reason, think is cool.