One of the biggest national retailers has started putting more respect on the Black dollar. Walmart has stopped selling clothing that clearly goes against the movement.


“Burn Hollywood burn I smell a riot” Those are the lyrics that opened Public Enemy’s “Burn Hollywood Burn,, the first song that Ice Cube appeared on after he left NWA in 1990. Now as Minneapolis burns with protests following the tragic murder of George Floyd celebrities such as Lebron James, Beyonce, Barack Obama, John Boyega […]


Beyoncé continues to bring awareness about the struggle of Brown people even in the midst of a world crisis. She recently raised a red flag about how the pandemic is trending in our communities.

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Ohio State University quarterback Cardale Jones used his Twitter powers for good after insensitive Twitter trolls tried to shut down his tweets in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Jones hit back at the trolls, who went for the trite #AllLivesMatter angle, all while proving a larger point about how the ongoing race conversation in the […]