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Ohio State University quarterback Cardale Jones used his Twitter powers for good after insensitive Twitter trolls tried to shut down his tweets in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Jones hit back at the trolls, who went for the trite #AllLivesMatter angle, all while proving a larger point about how the ongoing race conversation in the country is still in progress and misunderstood by “well-meaning” white folks.

Thursday morning, Jones tweeted to his followers and supporters the following:

For the most part, people followed suit and retweeted the message but the trolls came out in full force with the “#AllLivesMatter retort. Not shockingly, many of them just wanted Jones to worry about slinging the pigskin and bring Ohio State another national championship like he did this year.

But a Twitter user who formerly went by the handle @DGus1228 told Jones to “worry about getting us fans another championship…Stay out of this bullsh*t” and ended with a #GoBucks hashtag.  Jones, who probably had his fill of the trolls trying to shift #BlackLivesMatter into something supposedly more inclusive, fired back at the user under a changed name with a tweet that ended everything.

In certain parts of the world, we’d call that a proper sonning. It also appears that the gentleman who attempted to shut down Jones’ tweets has done everyone a favor and deleted his account.

One down, millions more to go. Props to Cardale Jones and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Photo: ESPN

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