In a recent bare-knuckle bout in which the rapper took on and bested a TikTok star, a fan tried to start some static with Blueface and caught a couple of crisp blows to the grill in the process.

It's been a while since Blueface has had a hit record, but he is still giving social media a reason to talk about him.


It’s been about two years since Blueface burst on the scene with his smash hit “Thotiana” and though his Ca$h Money debut album has been pushed back twice since he introduced himself to the game in 2018, it seems Blue’s first major-label project is finally readying for its highly anticipated release.

It seems Tiffany Haddish has no problems with throwing money at the less fortunate. She has recently come to the defense of one of Rap’s biggest and most outspoken names.

Blueface may have had his heart in the right place, but a recent video that has since gone viral has the offbeat rapper in the crosshairs of social media. The Find The Beat rapper visited Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood to toss out money, and Twitter is letting him know how tasteless the act was.

It’s never a good idea to try to steal a chain. That unfortunate ploy only worsens when you fail, and said rapper and his crew are able to get their hands on you to bless you with that proper fade.

Federal Informant Tekashi69 has ruffled a few feathers in the industry and the streets, but that hasn’t stopped him from attempting to make the biggest comeback in Rap history.

Blueface is keeping busy. The rapper who has a talent for not riding a beat claims he has slept with over 1,000 women, in just the last six months.


Ever since bursting on the scene with his club banger “Thotiana,” Blueface Bleedem seemed like he was well on his way to rap stardom but lately he’s been making more noise for his controversial circumstances as opposed to the cuts he’s cooking in the lab.

Blueface has been the talk of the internet, and it’s not because of his music. Wanting to shift the focus, the “Thotiana” rapper put the Hip-Hop world on notice claiming he has the best bars in the game.

Blueface found himself going viral earlier this week but it wasn’t for his chosen profession of rhythmically-challenged rapping. The “Thotiana” star was recorded booting his mother and sister in a video where he accused them of clout chasing and has released the full video of the altercation while stating his sister tried to fleece him […]

Blueface, the rapper who has never heard an instrumental he can’t rhyme off-beat to, has called his own momma a “clout chaser.” Also, he kicked her and his sister out of his home.