brisco robbed

Brisco Takes Stand In Court Cash Money artist Brisco took the stand in court on Tuesday, in a case where the rapper was the victim of a robbery in a Miami barbershop two years ago. Brisco took the stand to testify against suspects saying, “One of the guys hit me with the gun.” I guess […]

“Fu%k diamonds you can have the coal/ Don’t want it back young ni%#a, I’d rather have your soul.” It’s a shame that things had to escalate to such a degree but as Jay-Z once said, every action has a reaction, and Brisco has chosen to react after being robbed. The Opa-Locka representor has released the […]

Florida rapper Brisco was robbed at gunpoint at a Miami barbershop. Police are looking for four men that rushed into the barbershop, pistol-whipped him and stole his Range Rover and jewelry. According to police, one man came in the shop pretending to be a customer before signaling the three others that the coast was clear. […]