Brisco Retaliates With “Revenge” After Robbery


“Fu%k diamonds you can have the coal/ Don’t want it back young ni%#a, I’d rather have your soul.”

It’s a shame that things had to escalate to such a degree but as Jay-Z once said, every action has a reaction, and Brisco has chosen to react after being robbed. The Opa-Locka representor has released the track “Revenge” almost fanning out as a contract for anyone who finds the people that were responsible for the attack on him.

“I got a little dough to put hits on all ya’ll/ So guess what imam do, put hits on all ya’ll/ 20,000 for every ni**as that murdered/ I bet them fu*k boys won’t surface.”

He is also slated to release a mixtape titled Revenge later this week.

Acknowledging that his assailants were Haitian, Brisco enlists a French rapper to speak his threat in a language that even they will be able to fully comprehend. Brisco ends his verse by stating that “retaliation is a must.”

The actual incident stems back to July 29 as HipHopWired previously reported when four men rushed into a barbershop wielding artillery and proceeded to relieve Brisco of jewelry that was allegedly worth $35,000. They must have forgotten about a getaway car, but they were able to think quickly as they took his Range Rover as well. Although his jewels have not been recovered, the vehicle was discovered a few blocks away. Guess they couldn’t handle moving the big body and realized that taking a truck might make them stand out and draw more attention than they wanted.

Authorities are still “on the search” for the four suspects that committed the robbery and a fifth man who people have come to believe is the ringleader that orchestrated the whole thing.

Troubled waters is the best way of saying what they assailants have put themselves in as money makes the body do things that the mind never thought it would. Unless this is just serving as publicity, Brisco has painted the red bulls eye on all of their backs.

“I can’t help that I’m the golden child/They set me up to lay me down/I want revenge now.”