With the wrong choice of 140 characters, social media can change your life in an instant. A writer tasked Nicki Minaj to do better and got no mercy from her fans.

A school in the United Kingdom is refusing to expel white students who beat and bullied a Black student in a mock slave auction. A group of at least seven white teens chained the Black student to a lamp pole and yelled racist insults at the boy.

Kimberly Jones, the mother of bullied middle-schooler Keaton Jones, appeared to be pulling the swindle of 2017 after a viral video of her son had everyone from Rihanna to LeBron James standing up for the kid. Photos of the Jones family decked out in the finest of hillbilly attire complete with waving the Confederate Flag […]

It appears that the viral video featuring Keaton Jones and the nationwide attention it garnered is now part of an alleged finesse job if recent developments are to be believed. According to TMZ, two GoFundMe pages devoted to the bullied middle schooler have been suspended after raising thousands of dollars far and wide.

Keaton Jones, a middle school student in Knoxville, Tennessee, became a viral sensation after a video uploaded to Facebook by his mother detailed his struggle with bullying. Celebrities rallied around the boy with offers of gifts and even mixed martial arts training from UFC stars, but fans are wondering if Black celebrities took notice of […]

Ashawnty Davis, a fifth-grader in Colorado, hung herself and died from her injuries after video of a bullying incident was uploaded online.


A high school student at Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx stabbed two of his classmates yesterday (September 27) after what police say was a two-week feud between the three teenagers.

A gay Atlanta high school teen who has been the constant victim of bullying now has injuries to back up his story.

Child bullying is a nationwide epidemic that doesn’t seem to have a concrete solution, but one New Orleans parent allegedly may have found a loophole to solve the problem.

As the social media world dies down from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a group of Ohio high school bullies have brought it back into the news in the ugliest way possible.

Classmates of 9-year-old Grayson Bruce are giving him such a hard time for wearing a My Little Pony backpack complete with fuzzy ears and pink colors, his school is telling him he has to part ways with the struggle, calling it the catalyst for the attacks.