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It appears that the viral video featuring Keaton Jones and the nationwide attention it garnered is now part of an alleged finesse job if recent developments are to be believed. According to TMZ, two GoFundMe pages devoted to the bullied middle schooler have been suspended after raising thousands of dollars far and wide.

TMZ reports:

GoFundMe tells us the page labeled “Stand Up for Keaton,” which was opened 2 days ago, is no longer accepting donations. Since Keaton’s anti-bullying message went viral over the weekend, the page has pulled in $58,249 in donations … however the guy who started it is putting the charity on hold. GoFundMe says it needs to contact Keaton’s mom, Kimberly Jones, to ensure she’s the beneficiary … since the guy who started the page doesn’t know her. So far, the company’s been unable to reach her.

There was a second GoFundMe page, purportedly started by Kimberly herself which solicited money for Keaton’s Christmas gifts. Sources close to the situation tell us that was immediately shut down by GoFundMe due to fraud concerns — namely, whether it was really started by Kimberly.

Naturally, the reaction on social media in light of this story coming out have some concerns. Adding to this, Jones’ mother was documented as posting some questionable online content that signified the family might be expressing racist rhetoric masked as patriotism.

What we’re wondering is why didn’t the death of Ashawnty Davis get this kind of attention from the celebrity masses? We’ve got our thoughts but we’ll let the reaction on Twitter that we’ve collected carry us through.

Photo: screen cap/Facebook

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