Orlando Brown has shown a Jedi master-like mastery of immersing one’s self in the struggle considering some of the legal hot water he’s been in the last year alone. For his troubles, Brown landed in jail after being arrested last week for burglary but his time behind bars will be relatively short.


Three burglars in Tacoma, Wash. were scared off by a grandma unfazed by their bullsh*t. Guelda Messina actually walked in as the men were trying to rob her house Monday (Nov. 9) morning, and told them to bounce. 

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This attempted heist went terribly wrong. An apparent struggle thief (accidentally?) took a selfie video with the robbery victim’s phone. 


This man, is an idiot. An alleged jewel thief and burglar named Depree Johnson is facing 142 charges after investigators took note of copious amounts of photos of himself, a convicted felon, posing with guns on his Instagram feed. Yes, this happened in Florida.


19-year-old Ravell McLaughlin won’t see life outside of a prison facility until he’s at least 40. The South Carolina teen pleaded guilty to 1st degree s-xual assault, armed robbery and kidnapping Tuesday (July 17) where he was promptly sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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While his team may be winning on the basketball court, Chris Bosh is losing at home. The Miami Heat forward’s mansion was burglarized of $340,ooo worth of jewelry. Damn homie.

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Rick Ross’ tour bus was left in burglarized and destroyed Saturday as Rozay made a stop in Detroit. According to TMZ, Ross’ camp filed a police report early Saturday morning, claiming the bandits made off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, clothes, and other personal property. No members of Rick Ross’ entourage was in the […]


It seems like “escorting” himself from Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour only created an outlet for Kid Cudi to find his way into even more drama. The rapper was arrested Monday in Los Angeles after the Los Angeles Police Department detained him, along some of his associates under suspicion of being suspects to a burglary after […]