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Crack Addict Robs Catholic Churches to Get Back at Priest Child Molesters

A man in the Bronx has been arrested after police charge that he is the culprit of more than 9 church break-ins that have resulted in more than $5000 in stolen merchandise and computers.

According to Fox NY, Nathaniel Linden was charged with the burglary of 2 churches, although he is suspected of robbing nine other churches since November 6th and  ripping off thousands of dollars that had been earmarked for families in various Bronx communities.

Linden, who apologized for the crimes, states that his robbing spree of local churches was inspired by his mother’s murder as a child.

According to him he witnessed his mother’s murder and was handed over to foster care.

Linden now claims that the motive behind targeting churches is for molestation but police are unclear about whether he was truly a victim.


“I am angry at the church for molesting children,” Linden told the NY Daily News. “That’s why I started going after churches. I don’t case them out; I just walk by and get angry.”

Although Linden states that there has been long run hatred for Catholic churches, friends of the known crack addict states that he has never discussed the disdain before.

“He never said anything about the Catholic Church,” Dennis Perrington, told NY Daily News. “He was robbing from the poor. That’s despicable.”

Linden did apologize to investigators for urinating outside one of the churches he hit, then continued to ramble on to police about his modus operandi with regards to the burglaries.

Linden was recently released from prison on November 4th after completing a five-year bid for the same crime of burglarizing churches.

Linden is being held on a $50,000 bond.

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