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Three burglars in Tacoma, Wash. were scared off by a grandma unfazed by their bullsh*t. Guelda Messina actually walked in as the men were trying to rob her house Monday (Nov. 9) morning, and told them to bounce. 

The wannabe robbers obliged, scattering within seconds of Messina yelling “Get the hell out of here!”

One guy had to run by her to get out her front door (awkward).

The attempted robbery happened at 9:15 in the morning. Messina was woken up by one of the robbers being too loud. “I opened the door and I saw them,” she recalled. “All I knew was they were in my house and they needed to get out. Period.”

Police don’t advise people confronting robbers, but in the moment, Messina gave zero f*cks about that recommendation. “I’m a mom. It’s, like, you know, automatic. I’m the boss,” she said.

The robbers made off with $20 from Messina’s purse and a pair of earrings. Police are still trying to track down the three guys described as being in their 20s.

Messina is the wife of an attorney, who wasn’t surprised at what she did. “That’s her. That’s my Guelda. She’s been that way since the day I met her.”

Peep video of the confrontation below.

Photo: screenshot

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