A woman who spent her coins on plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian died from butt injections, and the person allegedly responsible for her death is behind bars.


It is the era of oversharing. For example, R&B singer K. Michelle has been candid about her illegal butt shots, and she has taken things a step further by removing them on national TV. 


A 31-year-old Harlem woman and mother of two died two weeks after getting a buttocks enhancement surgery. Latesha Bynum’s family and lawyer are claiming her death was a murder. 


A BET Networks freelancer who lived in Maryland, decision to jet to New York City to get a basement butt injection, turned out to be a deadly one. Kelly Mayhew, 34, was ruled dead after being rushed to the hospital when she visited a phony doctor’s house in basement and reportedly began “gurgling and struggling […]

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Numerous women (and men) have already died from illegal butt injections, but it’s not stopping more from getting them. A 22-year-old Missouri woman, Daysha Phillips, has passed away four days after getting butt injections in a hotel room. 


Khloe Kardashian sure did get a lot of eyes on her yams after unveiling her first-ever Complex cover. But heads still weren’t convinced that her booty work was Teddy Pain certified.


A nurse named Wykesha Reid from Dallas, Texas, died in February after she let some random ladies shoot goop into her asscheeks.


Not everyone is meant to be over 6′ tall and not everyone is meant to have a ridiculously plump ass. The pursuit of the latter led to a Maryland woman’s death after a botched butt injection procedure in Queens, NY.


A Dallas woman died after receiving her fourth round of faulty butt injections, and the family is seeking justice. Wykesha Reid was addicted to plumping up the rump, says the woman who raised her.

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Amber Rose‘s colossal cake may be a fraud? Say it ain’t so. A trans woman, who calls herself  “The Black Madam,” on trial for murder over illegal butt injections in Philadelphia has named Rose and other celebs as her clients during her testimony. [check out a list of celebs with legit butt shot doctors right […]


In 2015, trips to the plastic surgeon are as common and sometimes just as expedient as a visit to the gym (ask Khloe Kardashian, allegedly). As it happens, one can transform a female star’s body into the object of Instagram thirst a lot faster.


A 40-year-old woman from Queens is regretting her decision to play doctor without going to school to get a medical degree.