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Bad Boy Matt Barnes is not to be trifled with and that goes double when you’re talking about his estranged spouse, Basketball Wives alumni Gloria Govan.

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Being the centerpiece on a hit TV show has an extremely big downside. While predominant film actors have an easy time taking on roles throughout their field, TV stars are easily identified with that breakout character, in turn, making it easier to typecast the individuals. It doesn’t help that having a show in syndication doesn’t […]

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Hollywood may look like fun and games but you definitely have to watch you say. Because there have been plenty of celebrities who were blacklisted from their respective hustles. Mo’Nique Despite her Best Supporting Actress win in 2010, Mo’Nique is out her saying she was “blackballed” because she didn’t play the game. — Photo: Dennis […]

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Iggy Azalea spazzed on a paparazzo who was allegedly harassing her while she was shopping for groceries. There is footage of a portion of incident, after she allegedly spit on the photographer.

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As news of Keyshia Cole putting her lioness paws on a female who stood between her love affair with Birdman, we found it a perfect time to remind you that most women aren’t always so innocent in domestic disputes. The American Bar Association reports that 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually […]