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Iggy Azalea spazzed on a paparazzo who was allegedly harassing her while she was shopping for groceries. There is footage of a portion of incident, after she allegedly spit on the photographer.

Per StarFeine:

Iggy Azalea lost her cool and got aggressive with a photographer outside of a Vons grocery store in Los Angeles, CA. After the paparazzi got some shots, he tried to leave and that is when Iggy chased after him, put him in a choke hold and spit on him after no warnings whatsoever. After that is when the witness starting filming with a cell phone. After the physical confrontation, a shouting match ensued for about two minutes between the rapper, her friend, and the photographer. During the argument, the photographer pointed out that the act of spitting on someone is assault and asked if they had ‘Aids or Ebola’, The rapper responded with ‘I hope you have Ebola and die’. Before the argument was over, Iggy tried ramming her shopping cart into the photog before heading back to her car.

Azalea’s beef was that the photographer was following her while she was shopping for eggs. To her credit, homie seemed like an epic douchebag, allegedly, while telling her if she doesn’t want to be followed, don’t be famous.

We wouldn’t wish Ebola on anyone, though.

Watch the clip below.