Kanye West aka Ye filed a formal criminal complaint against the paparazzi after a member of the throng allegedly challenged him to a fight.

Kanye West and his cuddly new approach to the paparazzi is certainly head-turning, but few would have expected the Chicago megastar’s latest act. On Tuesday (Mar. 15) while leaving a Beverly Hills gym, the mercurial artist hitched a ride with the paparazzi and had a message for fans as well.

Kanye West and his recent Twitter exploits have been nothing short of entertaining, but he got his fair share of negative attention when it appeared he was visiting the Pirate Bay piracy site. Yeezy explained that he wasn’t stealing software on his computer, and actually expressed some unexpected love for the paparazzi. 

Kanye West and photographer Daniel Ramos, who slapped him with a civil suit after their infamous LAX airport encounter, have buried the hatchet.

An emotional Suge Knight appeared before a Los Angeles judge today (November 5), who definitely saw his point of view, but had no choice but to send him into the lion’s den.

Suge Knight has been desperately pleading his case that he did nothing wrong during a run-in with the paparazzi that caused him to get arrested. But maybe the gangsta rap music mogul may want to let a lawyer do that for him.

Suge Knight has barely recovered from the last attempt on his life but he’s currently a prisoner of the Las Vegas Police Department.

Iggy Azalea spazzed on a paparazzo who was allegedly harassing her while she was shopping for groceries. There is footage of a portion of incident, after she allegedly spit on the photographer.

Rihanna is not on tiger blood sipping actor Charlie Sheen’s list of favorite people. 

Kayne West has been noticeably friendlier with paparazzi lately. After giving a few French paps props, the prolific artist actually took the time to speak with some Los Angeles based shutterbugs about why he acted so erratically during at LAX, which led to an altercation that ultimately concluded with him facing criminal charges.

Paparazzi ranks high on Kanye West‘s list of dislikes. But during a trip to France over the weekend, he was a lot more accepting of local photogs than those in the states.

Even Kanye West knows when the law isn’t on his side. Because of his run-ins with photographers and pending court dates, Yeezy has been avoiding traveling through LAX.