While some rappers may buy a new car or take a vacation after their record sales, rapper Ohini Jonez and Producer Tokyo Cigar have decided to donate most of their funds to their local charities. Proceeds of the album go to benefit Borroughs Mollette Elementary School in Brunswick, Georgia, as well as another charity in […]

“It’s all about Haiti.  Whatever you can do for Haiti, that’s what it’s about.  No matter how big or small, it’s most definitely needed.” As many continue to donate funds to the county of Haiti after the earthquake, others are finding ways outside of their pockets to give back. Holding a blood drive, rapper Rick […]

Even with the late producer J Dilla gone, his family is continuing to keep the legacy of James Yancey alive. With West Coast probate attorney Alex Bordern officially being named the administer of Jay Dee’s estate, the family has decided to launch the J Dilla foundation which will provide more security and a means of […]

“All these kids been getting killed, all this stuff going on, we have to make a change.” Ever since the tragedy of Derrion Albert in Chicago, Hip-Hop has risen as a community to raise more awareness of the troubles going on within the youth, but it has been hard to say if things have actually […]

Since Plies flooded the airwaves with his sex-driven lyrics on tracks such as “Becky” and “Bust It Baby”, the rapper has come off as being more than rated R as he has dubbed himself the realist.  Being the realist, he has been one not to bite his tongue and say things exactly how he feels. […]

Seventeen counties in Georgia were declared in a state of emergency after massive flooding swamped the area with dangerous flood waters in previous weeks. The floods took the lives of 10 people in the Peach State and caused $250 million worth of damage. Now some of the top Hip-Hop artists in the country are working […]

Lupe Fiasco will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about the need for clean water worldwide. He won’t be alone, he’ll have Jessica Beil with him, Isabel Lucas and singer and producer Kenna. The organized expedition called Summit on the Summit is set for next January. The climb for awareness was organized by Kenna. […]