Christopher Nolan

Director Christopher Nolan knows a little bit about superhero blockbusters after directing the classic Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale. After hauling in some Oscars for his WWII film Dunkirk, Nolan suggested that Marvel’s Black Panther should be up for an Oscar for Best Picture in 2019.

Drop everything you hate about that Batfleck fiasco. Justin Bieber has teased the Internets with the idea of him playing Robin in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

Love super heroes? What about Jesus? A combination of the two weaves its way into the storyline of the new Superman flick, Man of Steel.

Fans of the Batman movie franchise have been treated to a pair of excellent film renditions of the DC Comic superhero tale from director Christopher Nolan and starring Academy Award-winning actor Christian Bale. 2005’s Batman Begins and the 2008 follow-up The Dark Knight were both huge box office smashes and cemented the legend of Batman […]

The third full length trailer for this summer’s highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises is here. We get to see more Bane aka Gotham’s Reckoning, and he is one cold blooded motherf-cker. Also, that floating hovercraft thing, it flies. This movie is going to be epic. Check out the film’s viral campaign and stills here, and peep […]