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They have one of the most unforgettable names in Hip-Hop and have made some of the most notable and important songs in the 34-year history of recorded Rap music. They are called Ultramagnetic MC’s and 25 years ago they released one of Rap’s greatest and most influential albums, Critical Beatdown.

EDITORIAL, Hip Hop Wired Exclusive, News, PHOTO OPS

Many will write about the 15th anniversary of the last great release date in Rap history. But few truly overstand why it earned that designation and why after it there may never be another great day on par. Since they can’t, I will. Not only do I remember the day well and what it signified […]


Last year, D’Angelo teased fans with a few notable performances, including a set at Jay-Z’s ‘Made In America’ festival, but a promised new album was never delivered. Now, ?uestlove reveals that the long awaited, highly anticipated third album from the enigmatic R&B crooner is almost ready, we hope. 

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Angel Haze is small in stature but her skill-set is giant. Haze followed in the footsteps of Slaughterhouse, A$AP Rocky, Mac Miler and more by stepping into 106’s & Park’s The Backroom freestyle session. BET’s daily countdown has been going through some alterations as of late, but the infusion of this section is probably one […]

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One of the most well-traveled beards in all of Hip-Hop, Freeway, takes us back on a trip on memory lane as he reminisces on his “classic” moments. He talks about how he got his career started and more in this quick clip. Check it out after the jump and look out for Freeway’s newest project, […]


The Strong Arm Steady crew dedicate a song to all things they consider classic, some of which should be near and dear to us 80s and 90s babies. From ‘classic’ albums, to your favorite cartoons, even the snack you bought after school, take a trip down memory lane with this first single off S.A.S.’ latest […]