The J.R. Smith era in Cleveland has officially come to an end. The Cavaliers waived the veteran guard after failing to facilitate a trade for him. NBA fans took to Twitter to salute the ‘Henny God’ even though — he admitted to only drinking 3 glasses of the cognac in his entire life — and […]

Kevin Love will soon be balling in the fashion world. He has worked on a new capsule with Banana Republic.

Tristan Thompson has once again found himself playing outside his position and may have been caught dipping out on his baby moms. If rumors are true, it appears the Cleveland Cavaliers big man was up in his native Toronto with a young woman that was not Khloe Kardashian.

The Golden State Warriors made quick order of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals, and it is beyond clear these teams are not fond of one another. Draymond Green, gleefully playing the heel role, took what appeared to be a shot at LeBron James by rocking a t-shirt that seemingly referenced an Instagram […]

As the 2018 NBA Finals concluded with the Golden State Warriors making quick work of the Cleveland Cavaliers by sweeping their Eastern Conference foes, fans online came with exquisite slander. From noting that Nick “Swaggy P” Young is now an NBA champion and Javale McGee has multiple rings to LeBron James unable to get one […]

President Donald Trump’s next two years in the White House, if he makes it that long, will be void of the usual pomp and circumstance of inviting a major sports team celebrating a championship win. With teams such as the NFL world champion Philadelphia Eagles being disinvited due to their apparent lack of enthusiasm in […]

The first game of the NBA Finals showdown between the reigning champs Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers was a tense and aggressive game that took a wild turn near the end of regulation. With Cavs player J.R. Smith goofing bad on a play with just seconds left on the clock and a chance […]

After two grueling seven-game series, the NBA Finals table is finally set. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors will once again face off in the championship game, busting the hopes of many for a new chapter in professional basketball greatness.

Drake isn’t having the best week, this after Rihanna pretty much shut down the rapper from shooting his shot again in the most epic fashion.  Adding to the pile-on, Drizzy got clowned by Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, for being spotted court side rocking a pair of adidas. 

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue is stepping away from his duties. The former NBA player is citing health issues for his leave of absence. 

The brief time point guard Isiah Thomas spent with the Cleveland Cavaliers after being traded from Boston for Kyrie Irving had one common denominator in team captain LeBron James as the alleged catalyst. According to NBA analyst Chris Broussard, Thomas had “no love” for James and felt like he was being treated as an inferior.

NBA Twitter was in shambles this week after the Cleveland Cavaliers traded away some key pieces of their team amid a period of struggle for the Eastern Conference champs. Team captain LeBron James claims that trades that sent Isiah Thomas to the Los Angeles Lakers and Dwyane Wade back at the Miami Heat are all […]