Pusha T knows exactly what he's doing. While the buzz surrounding his forthcoming new album, It's Almost Dry, continues to rise, he's also "pressing" his big brother Malice about making a new Clipse album.

If you are talking Coke Rap then you have to put respect on the Clipse. But to hear their former colleague tell it most of their classic bars come from his life.

Hip-Hop veteran N.O.R.E has decided to weigh on Kanye West’s latest release, Jesus Is King and the review is nothing short of comical.

Pusha T may have officially crushed the dreams of fans still holding out for a Clipse reunion. The Daytona rapper recently said his brother No Malice is “done” with the group. 

While the Hip-Hop world patiently waited on a Pusha T’s response his brother spoke up on his behalf. No Malice has confirmed what everyone already knew.

It’s the 10 anniversary of Clipse‘s indisputable classic album, Hell Hath No Fury, but the group is no more. However, in a recent interview, No Malice cracks the door open on hope that he and his brother Pusha T will properly reunite for a new album. 

Why is Black Thought considered an “underrated” MC? As co-founder of The Roots, he is a Grammy-award winning rapper with 11 albums under his belt and a career that spans 20-plus years. He’s toured the world 10 times over and he’s broadcast into millions of homes every weeknight thanks to his Master of Ceremonies gig […]

The righteous half of Clipse has no plans of reuniting with his brother, Pusha T, in the spirit of cocaine raps, but that has no bearing  on No Malice’s desire to rhyme. Just recently, the season MC kicked some spiritual some bars on 106 & Park‘s “The Backroom.”

Who knew that Clipse’s No Malice and Pusha T loved to pull at fans’ heartstrings? The likelihood of new album from the Virginia duo has been the topic of discussion for some time, but the older of the brothers Thorton laid that to rest during a discussion with RapZilla at SXSW in Austin, Tex.

There have been countless amount of fashion trends created by rappers. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t had lapses of poor judgment when it comes to style.

Here’s another development in the storied Clipse LP. No Malice burst a bubble or two during a recent interviewed with FADER.

Although they were never known for their tremendous record sales, Pusha T and No Malice, the brothers collectively known as the Clipse remain one of Hip-Hop’s favorite duos of all-time.