Diddy might have another issue on his hands. One of the victims from the infamous Club New York shooting is saying she is willing to remove bits from her face to prove he shot her.

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Shyne just drooped his new track “Messiah” since signing with Def Jam and walking outside the iron gate. Ummm.  I think this needs more work.  Don’t rush the album homey, take your time. People waited this long, they can wait a little while longer because this ain’t the one. Listen and let us know what […]

“I went down when my co-defendant told on me and my life was over as a musician.  To get ten years, that’s like a death sentence.  That’s like going to death row and them injecting me with lethal injection but that’s life.  I move on.” While Shyne Po may be hated on by the U.S. […]

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Somebody’s lying… Former Bad Boy Recording artist Shyne has denied speaking with his former boss Sean Combs. Diddy had claimed that he spoke with his Shyne several weeks ago and that it was blessing that he was finally coming home. He also claimed that “Shyne was in good spirits and couldn’t wait to get home […]


Today the rapper known as Shyne learned around 2:30 p.m. that he will be given the minimum in regards to his parole, according to his attorney, Oscar Michelen.  Through an interview with HipHopDX, Michelen informed all of the conditions and arrangements made as it pertained to his parole release. “He gave him two-and-a-half [years], which […]