Authorities in North Carolina charged  six brothers with rape and sexual assault for allegedly abusing their now teenage sister. The abuse started when the 16-year-old girl was 4 years old, and continued until the age of 14, police say.

This dude just may be the realest rapper, ever. On Monday, August 5, while in a Fort Collins, Colorado rental home, a teenaged rapper sat down in front of a webcam to record himself rapping about the real life situation he was in. That predicament was sitting in the room  surrounded by police, including a […]

Weeks after a judge entered a preliminary plea on his behalf, James Holmes pled guilty to charges stemming from opening fire inside a movie theater. Attorneys for Holmes entered the plea in a Colorado courtroom Wednesday (March 27), in hopes that he will avoid the death penalty .

A Colorado judge entered a not guilty plea for accused killer, James Holmes, Tuesday (March 12), because his lawyers were unprepared to do so. Holmes’ attorney told the court that he was not ready to proclaim guilt or innocence, but will be able to change the plea, if necessary.

Eight former heads of the Drug Enforcement Administration want the Feds to step in and nullify weed laws in states that have legalized the drug for recreational use. The DEA leaders announced today, that the government must act fast, or risk missing an opportunity to take aim at the likes of Colorado and Washington state.

While the rest of the country was busy pushing for the re-election of President Barack Obama, voters in the states of Colorado and Washington pulled the lever in favor of a new measure that sought to decriminalize and regulate the possession of marijuana. Now with weed becoming legal in the sprawling state of Washington, another […]

A nursing student from Denver was arrested after telling his therapist that he wanted to kill President Obama, and children at random. Mitchell Kenneth Kusick, a student at Colorado Mesa University, was being held in custody Tuesday (Nov. 13), under suspicion of making threats against the commander in chief.

The WWE is under a little bit of fire for making an off color remark about Kobe Bryant last night during it’s trademark show, Monday Night Raw. During a match between WWE superstars Kofi Kingston and Titus O’Neill, manager Abraham Washington (who was wearing a live microphone) said O’Neill was “like Kobe Bryant at a hotel […]

Less than one week after the shooting massacre in Aurora, Colorado, the first lawsuit has emerged. Torrence Brown Jr., one of the patrons who was at the theater when gunman James Holmes opened fire on a room full of innocent people, was not injured in the incident, but has plans to file a civil suit, […]

A deranged killer wasn’t enough to stop movie fans from supporting The Dark Knight Rises. The highly anticipated film pulled in an impressive $160 million over the weekend. While final estimates will not be released until Monday (July 23), the film earned the No. 3 spot on the list of highest debuts ever falling behind […]

Warner Bros. Pictures, the company behind The Dark Knight Rises, has released a statement about the shooting that occurred at the Century 16  Theater in Aurora, Colorado Friday (July 20). As previously reported, 12 people were killed when gunman, James Holmes, opened fire during a midnight screening of the highly anticipated film. “Warner Bros. is deeply saddened […]

The second-grader who made headlines for coming to school in blackface for a school assignment wants an apology. Sean King, a white student at Colorado’s Meridian Ranch Elementary, plastered dark makeup on his face to portray Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., after deeming his efforts offensive, the boy was asked to remove the face paint. […]