Columbus Short

Columbus Short continues to play himself, yet has managed to finesse the system. The former Scandal actor served only 34 days of a 1-year jail sentence for beating his wife. 

It’s no country for Columbus Short. The former Scandal actor pleaded guilty to hitting his wife, and since he was already on probation, got blessed with a year-long jail sentence. 


Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has made a living out of sharing too much information, but even this is next level. She recently revealed in a blog post that she aborted two of her ex-husband Columbus Short’s babies. 


Does this actually count as a rebound? Actor Columbus Short is getting married, and is expecting a baby with his fiancee, too. 

Former Scandal actor Columbus Short continues to live the life of struggle. Superhead’s estranged husband was in court yesterday and the judge hit him with a 30-day jail sentence for violating his probation. 

You can’t say you didn’t see this one coming. Troubled actor Columbus Short is reportedly heading to rehab. 

After a recent and very public break up with his wife, Karrine Steffans aka Superhead, Columbus Short is still stuck in the struggle zone. The former Scandal actor and singer has reportedly failed a drug test. 

Karrine Steffans invited the whole world into the struggle that is her marriage to actor Columbus Short after she publicly aired him out for cheating and ousted him from their home. Steffans claims the act was to save her marriage, but it appears that Short is looking to move on despite his wife’s wishes.

Hell hath no fury like Superhead scorned. Karrine Steffans took to social media to put her husband, Columbus Short, on full blast for allegedly cheating on her. 

Apparently, actor Columbus Short and notorious actress/author Karrine Steffans—aka the woman known in certain circles as Superhead—are married. It seems that the couple got married way back in October 2015 on the lee low. 

Former Scandal star Columbus Short has been stirring some struggle gumbo since his days on the hit ABC drama starring Kerry Washington. Short, who was in the center of an assault case in Los Angeles last year, pleaded no contest after knocking a man out and was given three years probation.


Remember when Columbus Short was a “gladiator in a suit” and one of the fan favorite characters on Scandal? Well, now he’s getting arrested at his album release party.