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Karrine Steffans invited the whole world into the struggle that is her marriage to actor Columbus Short after she publicly aired him out for cheating and ousted him from their home. Steffans claims the act was to save her marriage, but it appears that Short is looking to move on despite his wife’s wishes.

On Tuesday (Mar. 29), news began going out that Steffans, also known as the infamous Superhead, tossed Short’s belongings and we reported on the issue as it broke. However, Steffans says that her actions are being misunderstood and that she’s hoping to save the marriage although it appears Short is having none of it.

As the flurry of chatter died down Tuesday, Steffans posted a few cryptic tweets around the situation.

“I’m Hurt,” tweeted Steffans. She added, “Drug and alcohol abuse/addiction ruins families. Seeking help is vital. Pray for addicts. Stand by them but take them to task. Be well.”

It isn’t a secret that Short has contended with public airings of his domestic issues in times past and  he responded to this latest situation via his Twitter account.

“It ain’t the first time I’ve been homeless. But will definitely be the last!! When it’s all said and done stand strong stand tall and Most of all UNBROKEN……If I’m still standing you have no excuse!” said Short in a pair of tweets before posting a photo promoting an upcoming album.

Despite Steffans’ tweets that reference love and forgiveness, Short has taken a far lower road and referred to his wife as a “creature” and essentially saying he’s looking to move on. There’s no real way to make sense of this struggle, but we’ve compiled some tweets so perhaps that will provide the context. Just this morning alone, Steffans is continuing to take the high road in the matter according to a tweet.

Hopefully, this isn’t all part of some ploy to sell Short’s albums or Steffans’ book titles.

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