The old adage of “cheaper to keep her” must have whizzed by Columbus Short in player school. Too bad, seeing that the struggle-laden actor who’s recently out of his Scandal job has just been hit upside the wallet in divorce court.

Columbus Short is back on his grind after being fired from popular TV show, Scandal – this time, he’s taking a stab at comedy.

Tanee McCall-Short is having a tough time keeping her deranged estranged husband, ex-Scandal star Columbus Short away from their home. Which is sad, given the fact he’s under strict court order to refrain from having contact with her.

Ex Scandal star Columbus Short pleads not guilty to felony battery after engaging in a brawl that left a man seriously injured, at a West Hollywood restaurant earlier this year.

Famous people more often than not are dehumanized by their legions of stans, so it’s never anything short of a surprise when we learn about our favorite actors, athletes or musicians laying the smackdown on their significant other.

According to his estranged wife, Scandal star Columbus Short broke into and raided their marital home over Easter weekend.

Columbus Short will not be coming back to ABC’s Scandal next season. The 31-year-old actor was fired from his gig at the top-rated drama series in wake of his personal problems with his wife.

The Columbus Short season of Scandal continues to press on with no end in sight. A judge has the embattled 30-year-old actor to return to his home for the sole purpose of packing up his stuff and so Tyrone can come pick him up.

Columbus Short is embroiled in a domestic violence situation that doesn’t seem to be causing him too much stress.  Right after TMZ outted his alleged murder/suicide plot, the 31-year-old Scandal actor tweeted out a flier promoting a club appearance in L.A. His timing was awkward.

In a story that sounds like an episode of Scandal, actor Columbus Short’s wife is accusing him of threatening to kill her and himself, last week. Tuere Short kicked Columbus out of the house and has filed for divorce.

What do you do when you’re married boyfriend is mistreating you and your fake boyfriend just wants to be saved? Call Huck and have him shut down B316.

Scandal actor Columbus Short must have been exhibiting tough love with he put an alleged fight victim in the hospital because reports have surface that he actually knows the man.