Dave Chappelle has spent decades as one of comedy’s top minds having conquered film, cable television, and the stage. For his talents, the Washington, D.C. region native will be awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor later this year.

America’s biggest comedian is set to take his talents to Netflix. Kevin Hart’s first special will premiere in a matter of weeks.

Cardi B might be the people’s champ on a lot of levels and most certainly is on top as Hip-Hop’s leading woman of the moment. However, a decision to play the widow of beloved civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. might not go over too well for some.

Tiffany Haddish continues her winning streak after her breakout Girls Trip role. Now, the hilarious comedienne and actress will get her own hour-long stand-up special on Netflix.

Fans of Kid Fury and Crissle’s The Read podcast already know about the comedic chops of the host with his hilarious takes on pop culture and beyond. Fury will now be getting to that HBO bag with a new half-hour comedy series, and Lena Waithe of Masters Of None fame will join the show as […]

Mike Epps and Kevin Hart most likely won’t be making that mega-hit buddy film anytime soon. It’s not a secret that Epps has taken shots before and while Hart tried taking the high road Epps took the low one by capping at Nick Cannon, who tried to come between the beer unprovoked.

Dave Chappelle has made a career out of pushing the lines of comedy and harsh commentary, using his sharp if abrasive wit to get others to pay attention to whatever point he’s making. He faced criticism for making a joke during one of his Netflix stand-up specials about Louis C.K.’s “Me Too” moment but isn’t […]

Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart are both known for their biting social and political commentary and have had massive success in many arenas by way of stand-up comedy. The two are returning to their comedy roots and announced a joint tour that kicks off next month.

Dave Chappelle wasn’t exactly stressing critics as his standup star continued to rise through 2017 with a series of Netflix specials, although some of his jokes upset many in the trans community. Once again the comedian took aim at a controversial topic that he’ll undoubtedly have to answer for after Chappelle said he found the sexual […]

Summerella has been storming the social media channels since 2014, with the now-defunct Vine being where she became something of a rising star. Now with the advent of Instagram and SnapChat, the Atlanta-based singer and media figure has continued her streak of collecting fans with each new video release and post.

It was revealed Monday (Aug. 8) evening that Saturday Night Live veterans Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam will not be returning to the ensemble cast this coming season. Although some industry chatter suggests that the pair might have been fired, there are reports saying they’re simply seeking new opportunities.

Another day, another fantastic trending topic has taken hold. #BlackPlotTwists is the latest to catch on, and it is one of Black Twitter‘s greatest comical moments to date.