The holidays can be grueling on any employee delivering gifts at alarming rates, but in today’s day and age, it’s always safe to assume that someone (or something) is watching.

Kevin Hart is tasked with holding his own against stars Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in his latest film, Grudge Match. But during our sit-down with the Real Husbands of Hollywood creator, we learned what he thinks about Beyoncé‘s independent power move.

“Do I look like a mother******* comedian to you?!? Don’t f*cking heckle me. I’m Kanye mother******* West!!!” That, apparently, was the highlight of Lord Kanye West the Great’s latest show.

If you’re looking for Dave Chappelle these days, he’s everywhere he wants to be except for where you actually would like to see him.

The release of the Playstation 4 had gamers in a tizzy and select fanatics camping out all night to be the first to get their hands on the coveted entertainment system.

When it comes to battle rapping, participants are supposed to have thick skin. The combination of pumped adrenaline and crowd reactions can eschew a ton of emotions MCs may not be ready for.

Former Death Row CEO, Suge Knight never plays coy when dealing with the media and his latest encounter with TMZ was exactly what you would expect when posed with on-the-spot questioning.

It’s no secret that Drake loves his city but everybody knows that love is blind and it will take over your mind.

Jamie Foxx can get any movie role in Hollywood he wants and today, he wants to create his own. There’s a little flick currently blazing movies by the name of Gravity, which has grossed something close to the tune of $300M.

Wild ‘N Out is officially back. Hip-Hop Wired talked to Nick Cannon while on set for the taping of the third season of the Hip-Hop flavored, comedic improv show in New York City. The actor, host and mogul was very forthcoming with info on bringing back the show, what’s good with Cory Gunz’s rap career […]

Katt Williams is ready to make headlines for his work, not for fighting fans, leading police on a 4-wheeler chase, or skipping out on tour dates. In short, the comedian wants to reclaim his place in the comedy kingdom.

There appears to be no easier way to get people to go against one another, than on Twitter. Mike Epps used the website to blast Kevin Hart over the weekend, opening the door for a truckload of insults thrown back in his direction.