Luckily for the comic book universe, his son, John Romita Jr. has already been carving out his own niche in the comic book world for a while now and seems to be properly carrying the Romita legacy into the next generation and beyond. His father must be proud.


For a minute there it seemed like Damon Wayans Jr. was going to be following in his family’s footsteps and become a mainstay in the comedy scene after appearing in films like The Other Guys and Dance Flick, and TV shows like New Girl and Happy Together.


No word on when we can expect any of these project to hit the shelves but best believe we'll be supporting once they're available... unless Charlamagne gets canceled by the culture for whatever reason by then. We kid we kid.


After Disney and Fox agreed to a deal that would return X-Men and Fantastic Four properties back to Marvel Studios, rumors began floating around that Fox’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants movies might be shelved as Marvel would likely want to reboot the X-Men franchise with their own cast.


Ta-Nehisi Coates made a huge splash with Marvel Comics after taking over the recent Black Panther run, reviving a franchise that has renewed interest given America’s political climate of late. The writer is adding to his comic book duties and will reintroduce a Marvel title known as The Crew, which features the Wakandan King and […]


Lunella Lafayette, better known to Marvel fans as the 9-year-old child genius Moon Girl, has been named by the comic books company as the smartest character in its universe. That means Moon Girl is smarter than Tony Stark, former top brain Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, and even Dr. Doom.


Doctor Strange is one of the Marvel Universe’s illest characters, a master of mysticism and sorcery that makes him a most powerful being and superhero. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch will be portraying him in the forthcoming Doctor Strange film, and now we have a look at him in costume. 

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For the past couple of years, Hip-Hop living legend Darryl “DMC McDaniels has been dabbling in the world of comic books. The Run-DMC co-founder chopped it up about his involvement in comics during the 2015 New York Comic Con.

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Jared Leto is joining the ranks of serious actors who took comic book roles. After an impressive performance in Dallas Buyers Club, Leto has been cast in the role of the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

It’s pretty easy to notice the parallels and similarities between Hip-Hop and the world of comic books. We decided to point out some of Earth’s mightiest rhyme-slingers.

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Running down the list is of Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA’s achievements over the last 20 years would impress anyone. Not only has the “Abbot” of the WTC created one of Hip-Hop’s most legendary crews along with cementing a rich musical legacy, Rzarector has channeled his vision into acting, scoring films and now a film company […]


DC Entertainment announced today that the formerly heterosexual character of the Green Lantern will now be portrayed as a homosexual in their new comic Earth 2 #2. Alan Scott, who is the Green Lantern in the comic’s alternate universe, is portrayed as a young billionaire and the head of his own corporation. He will also have a […]