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It’s pretty easy to notice the parallels and similarities between Hip-Hop and the world of comic books. We decided to point out some of Earth’s mightiest rhyme-slingers.

Rappers can be nerds just like the rest of us. The personalities within the culture would probably rather their name ring bells for demolishing a wack rapper, much like Iron Man would crushing an intimidating foe.

Whether it’s rap legends like DMC from Run-DMC and Eminem gracing comic book covers, or lyricists just adopting a comic persona (MF Doom) — these illustrators craft punchlines that would make Captain America envious.

We took a look at 15 of our favorite rhymers and mused who their Marvel Comics counterpart would be.

Photos: Tumblr, Marvel

As usual, feel free to add any of your own. We start off with an ATLien rapper with an impenetrable charisma:

Photo: Tumblr

2 Chainz / Luke Cage:

Both are persons-for-hire and feature prominently on the big stage. For Dos, it’s alongside fellow rappers like Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. Both men represent a resolve to fight through any struggle and appear indestructible to onlookers and passersby.

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