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If you haven’t heard of Buddy yet, he’s a kid out of Compton, California who has been taken under the wing of Pharrell Williams. Originally discovered by Scott Vener of Entourage fame, Buddy’s newest project Idle Time is set to feature this Neptunes-produced track featuring Kendrick Lamar. Take a listen to “Staircases” after the break.


The Southern California set of rapper Y.G.’s ‘”I’m A Thug” music video erupted in violence before being shut down by police Wednesday (Jan. 25) afternoon. Several bystanders were congregating near the 400 block of W. Spruce St. in Compton when gun shots rang out, forcing the crowd to scatter as police intervened and closed off […]

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“After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult?” Before even getting into this story, let’s all sit back and marinate on such a thought-provoking question.   I’m sure if we extracted the idea of subtraction and division and only […]

Sometimes it is necessary to do some spring cleaning a little early.  Hip Hop has come at a time where repetition has been heavy and there is a lack of innovation in what is being broadcasted to the masses in the mainstream. With that said, there comes a time when a person must take the […]