The House Speaker debacle continues and Rep. Cori Bush is accusing the GOP of pushing a Black candidate who is nothing more than a "prop."


Democrat Robert Garcia plans to use a vintage Superman #1 comic book when he's sworn-in to 118th United States Congress.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries was officially named the House Democratic Leader on Wednesday, making him the first Black person to lead a political party in either chamber of the Congress. He replaces Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, who had served in that role over for over 20 years.

On Tuesday night, 25-year-old Maxwell Frost won the race to be the representative for Florida's 10th Congressional District. The win for the progressive activist makes him the first from Generation Z to be elected to Congress, as well as the first of Afro-Cuban ethnicity to serve.

On Wednesday, Democratic Congressmen Hank Johnson and Jamaal Bowman introduced the Restoring Artistic Protection Act to the House of Representatives for review. The proposed bill seeks to prohibit the usage of an artist's lyrics against them in civil and criminal cases. It comes as a number of these cases have been brought against Hip-Hop artists in recent years.

While the former NFL and USFL star isn't engaging in any debates ahead of primaries, Walker was seen questioning the theory of evolution with the same expertise as his hopeful political career.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) blasted Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) yet again online for his silence as Rep. Ilhan Omar revealed how she was the target of hateful voicemails after Rep. Lauren Bobert referred to her as a “suicide bomber” in recent comments.

The GOP senator made explosive claims that policing reform talks in Congress fell apart due to defunding the police being included in measures, but it appears Scott lied about it.

Gen. Milley addressed Congress at a hearing on Wednesday, explaining directly to Rep. Matt Gaetz that he seeks to understand "white rage" and pushed back on accusations of being "woke" but members of the elected body.


The House of Representatives voted to make Juneteenth the next federal holiday, with President Biden expected to sign the bill into law this afternoon

Last month, the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives took the highly significant first step of advancing House Resolution 40 by voting it out for full review by the entire House of Representatives. H.R. 40 is a bill that would put together a committee to explore the systemic effects of slavery on those African-American descendants and to detail how these people would receive reparations.

Rep. Val Demings, who had the floor during a hearing at the U.S. House of Representatives, was routinely cut off by Jordan but Demings fired back with a passionate rebuke of his actions.