Rappers love getting paid, we know that. What do rappers love more than getting paid? They love getting paid to hock stuff that they would use anyway. 

“I did try to do that, it just didn’t work itself out…” In between partnering with the CDC to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and helping the government increase participation with the 2010 Census, Ludacris is dishing out more details on his Battle of The Sexes album. The seventh album from the DTP frontman is filled with […]

Ludacris, the highest-selling Southern hip-hop solo artist of all time, is preparing for the release of his seventh studio album Battle of the Sexes on March 9. Following the release of his album Ludacris will take on a new role as a reporter and sit down for an interview with music legend Quincy Jones. The […]

“Oh, Let’s Do It” Unlike some of his rap cohorts, instead of giving an exact date for the drop of an upcoming release, Ludacris just let’s it go for the wind to catch it. Known for his steal-showing abilities as a feature on countless records, Luda takes the time out to flex his muscle with […]