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Rappers love getting paid, we know that. What do rappers love more than getting paid? They love getting paid to hock stuff that they would use anyway. 

As long as Hip-Hop has been profitable, there has been companies willing to throw money at rappers to say how much they love their products; especially liquor. As the financial boom in Hip-Hop exploded in the last decade, rappers even got into creating their own liquor an investing their own money into brands for maximum profits.

Nobody has done this better than Diddy, but Ludacris, Jay-Z, Ice Cube and more have all flipped their coins into some serious greenbacks by investing in that fire water. Other however, have not been so successful.

Today, Hip-Hop Wired gives you a concise look back at the history of rappers and liquor brands soaring and sinking their pockets by poppin’ their own bottles. Check it all out down below.

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