Piggybacking off of Tyga’s highly publicized gripes with Young Money/Cash Money and his gripes label mates Drake and Nicki Minaj, Hip-Hop Wired recalls a list of other MCs who also beefed with artists on their label

It’s a bona fide New York love affair–in the club as Consequence, Mack Wilds and newcomer Blu Gem have unveiled the visuals for the “Bottle Girls (Remix).”

Consequence and Mack Wilds already gave us an in-depth look on the type of Bangin Candy they were working with for their “Bottle Girls (Remix)” video. However, if the music isn’t worth the ear space, the mute button would have been a key component when viewing the clip.

Cons to the Quence is really putting in work with his forthcoming Movies on Demand 5 and that’s including radio-ready singles like the “Bottle Girls (Remix).”

Consequence is kicking it with a couple of kids at the theaters, but not for any G-rated movies.

Rappers aren’t supposed to act civil, even when they have legitimate issues with one another. Consequence and Joe Budden have proven the stereotype wrong after running into each other early this morning at the most random of spots.

Emceeing is officially back in a major way and every well-versed rhymer is taking advantage of. Queens rap king Consequence is back in the mix, helping the De La Soul bunch plant their latest set of Da.I.S.I.E.S. with the “Vocabulary Spills (Remix).”

Hip-Hop artists interact with their peers and camps as if they were family members when the truth of the matter is, the music industry is simply a glamorous business. When situations deteriorate, artists with enough sense and experience take what they learned and move to their the next facet of the career.

Nowadays anyone can shove a microphone into an artist’s face and ask questions. It takes integrity, finesse and wit to conduct a real interview. DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God have that formula down pat.

Who doesn’t appreciate Thanksgiving? This is the time where family and friends come together to show gratitude for their blessings over epic food; what’s not to like? Whether they indulge in the turkey and pumpkin pie or not, some rappers have chosen be less than gracious with the grand opportunities afforded to them.

Since Consequence released his “Black Skinhead” freestyle some months back, we’ve been vexed by the meaning be this line: “If me and Ye back rocking, it must be new rules.” Fortunately, we had an opportunity to discuss the topic with the Queens rapper at this year’s BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards.

There is no questioning Joe Budden‘s lyrical proficiency on the microphone. The New Jersey MC has crafted several Hip-Hop quotables worthy of verse of the year contention. Additionally his four-man team Slaughterhouse is synonymous with getting busy on a track.